13 Days Historic Route incl. Epiphany

Timkat ( the main highlight of this tour) is a three-day affair and all the ceremonies are conducted with great pomp, occurs on the18th, 19th and 20th of January observed in commemoration of Jesus Christ’s Baptism in River Jordan. The celebration is accompanied by a special and overwhelming sacred dances by the clergy with their prayer sticks and sistera, the beating of drums, ringing of bells, and blowing of trumpets. The singing and Sacred dancing of priests and laity with their colourful dress will make you to feel as it is in paradise.

Addationally, the best known historic sites-Axum, Lalibela, Gonder and Bahir Dar make up the historic routes which are the extra highlights of this Itinerary.

The Itinerary can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of our clients’ schedules, budget, and special interests. However, time should be scheduled to be in Lalibela at least January 18 and 19 for Timket celebration.



Day 1

Jan 16

Arrival and Addis Ababa and city tour

Overnight: Addis

Day 2

Jan 17

Drive from Addis to Desse, en route - if the day is Monday visit the beautiful market in Batie where the Afar, Oromo and Amhara tribes meet. If the day is Sunday visit the very entertaining and colorful Senbete market

Overnight: Desse

Day 3

Jan 18

Drive from Desse to Lalibela en route stop for many beautiful scenery and visit St. Neakutolaab monastery before arriving in Lalibela 

In the afternoon upon your arrival attend the eve of colorful Timiket (Ephiphany) festival in Lalibela 

Overnight: Lalibela

Day 4

Jan 19

Night and morning Attend the Timket (Ethiopian Epiphany) Festival in Lalibela 

After noon Visit part of the impressive rock-hewn churches of Lalibela (first Group) and 

Overnight: Lalibela

Day 5

Jan 20

Morning free and attend the Cana celebration which is as colorful as Timket and after noon Visit the rest of magnificent Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela and coffee ceremony 

Overnight: Lalibela

Day 6

Jan 21

Drive from Lalibela to Mekele, en route with many stops for the beautiful scenery and village visit 

Overnight: Mekele

Day 7

Jan 22

Drive from Mekele to Gherhtha and en route visit AbrahaWoAtsebeha church and relax around the lodge in Gherhaltha 

Overnight: Gherhaltha 

Day 8

Jan 23

Morning free and drive to Axum via Adwa and after noon Visit the historical and archaeological sites in Axum

Overnight: Axum 

Day 9

Jan 24

Drive from Axum to Gondar crossing the Tekeze river and passing by the spectacular simien Mountains national park. 

Overnight: Gondar

Day 10

Jan 25

Visit the Fasiledes castle and Selassie church and drive to Bahir Dar

Overnight: Bahir Dar 

Day 11

Jan 26

Boat trip at Lake Tana and visit of Blue Nile falls  

Overnight: Bahir Dar

Day 12

Jan 27

Drive from Bahir Dar to Addis Abeba passing the spectacular Blue Nile Gorge 

Overnight: Addis

Day 13

Jan 28

Resting at the hotel, shopping, farewell and departure