Ethiopian Rural Heritage Tour

Ethiopia is today a predominantly rural country, with almost 80% of its population residing in rural areas. Taking this Dynasty Ethiopia Rural Explorer trip will give you a unique chance to discover the rural heritages of Ethiopia such as Ankober palace lodge dated back to the 17th century, Yimrhane Christos church and palace dated back to the 11th century, the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela dated back to the 12th century and considered as the 8th wonder of the world, the sacred ancient island monasteries of Lake Tana which is the source of Blue Nile as well as the hill top Maqdala Amba, where an embattled and embittered emperor Tewodros II retreated in 1867.

About the tour

Special experiences by taking this route includes enjoying rural community experiences such as farming activities, domestic activities such as cooking, dining and drinking as locals,   spotting unique wild life,  endless views and visiting rural heritages. You do the visits through driving, walking, trekking, boating and horse riding. we give you the chance to act as one of the farmers household by letting you to perform the traditional and primitive farming activities in a working farm, you bake the Ethiopian traditional meal, Enjera and you experience the Ethiopian unique traditional cocking, the peasant household will serve you not as a tourist but welcome you as usual guest, you will perform the traditional coffee ceremony with villagers which is an integral part of the life of most Ethiopians. The villagers will show you how to make local liquors such as Arakie, teje and tela, you will then be served with those drinks. 

In addition to the traditional farming practices of the rural community you will take a visit to the more organized farms in rural Ethiopia such as flower as well as herbs and fruit farms mainly of rural development projects. Taking part in traditional rituals and festivals such as traditional weddings and burial ceremonies, parties for harvesting the farm, home parties attached to religions and cultural reasons, parties during annual festivals, taking part in the local markets etc…..are part of the highlights of our rural explorer trips in Ethiopia

Overnight stay will be a combination of home stay, community guest houses, camping as well as staying in lodges and resorts based in rural areas attached in any case to the rural community. Locals come and dance for you around the fire during the nights and you will indulge with a totally new life experience that will never be detached from your mind for life. 

We are sustainable tour operator who qualify the travel life sustainability partnership level. Therefore, traveling with us is travelling responsibly. We kindly ask you to support our sustainability actions through planting trees, using less energy, supporting and benefiting the community, limiting wastes, not using plastic bottles as well as respecting the culture of the community.



Day 1

Arrival in Addis Abeba and drive to Ankober: Upon arrival in Addis Abeba Bole International Airport, Escape from Addis and drive direction to Ankober for an overnight stay in the rural Ankober palace lodge. Spend the day there enjoying the spectacular view from the heights of the highlands down to the rift valley and Afar plains, the fresh air at an altitude of nearly 3000 meters and wondering the areas once recognized as the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Shoa/Ethiopia  and one of the top rural heritage of Ethiopia. Stay overnight Ankober palace lodge

Day 2

Walk and trek through the beautiful escarpments and walking around or drive down or trek part of the route along the original stone trail from Ankober to the ancient Customs Centre at Aliyu Amba. Stay in Ankober Palace lodge. 

Day 3

Drive to Guassa community conservation area, stop for Tarma ber where you can enjoy/ buy a bottle of Ethiopian liquor of different flavors, Arakie at less than 5 USD and Overnight Guasa community lodge

Day 4

Trek around Guassa for spoting the Ethiopian Wolves and meet the Shewan peasants and visit their life style

Day 5

Drive to Dessie for overnight stay in a Hotel, discovering the Charming Wolo tribes

Day 6

Drive to Maqdala Amba and trek around. Overnight camping/community lodge

Day 7

Trek around Maqdala visit Amba Maryam villages and enjoy the rural community life 

Day 8

Scenic Drive to Lalibela and late afternoon attend Ethiopian cookery class 

Day 9

Whole day visit to the rock hewn churches of Lalibela

Day 10

Excursion to Yimrhane Christos and farm visit to a working traditional farm

Day 11

Drive to Bahirdar with a stop to visit Awramba village and after noon will be excursion to the Blue Nile falls. 

Day 12

Morning boat cruise to visit Lake Tana monasteries and after noon will be a farm visit to the flower and herbs farm Industries run by Belgian Investors, KOGA VEG, and part of DURABILIS from Belgium, a rural development project.

Day 13

Drive to choke Mountains for staying at Mulu eco lodge and wondering around, eat eco-food of the 100 % organic locally grown. 

Day 14

Discover around and enjoy the community life, the vegetation, spectacular views, meet with farmers and do anything they do. Do horse riding or forest walking and be invited at the farmers’ house.

Day 15

Stay another day and discover around or drive back to Addis Abeba. Same night or second day will be departure.