Tigray cradle of civilization - 6 days explorer

Tigray, a region in northern Ethiopia, is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. It is often referred to as the cradle of civilization due to its ancient roots and historical significance. The 6-day explorer tour offers a unique opportunity to delve into the region’s past and explore its fascinating landmarks. The tour showcases the diverse architectural styles found in Tigray, ranging from ancient stone structures to more modern buildings. These churches are carved into cliffs and mountainsides, creating a unique blend of nature and architecture.

During the 6-day tour, you will have the opportunity to explore these remarkable sites up close, gaining insights into Tigray’s cultural heritage and historical significance. From ancient relics to religious landmarks, this expedition offers a comprehensive overview of what makes Tigray a cradle of civilization.





Day 1 Addis Ababa to Axum, departure flight in a morning from Addis & Sightseeing in Axum

Catch a morning flight to Axum. Up on arrival met and pickup with a guide and driver outside the airport terminal. Transfer to a hotel, check-in to a room and drop luggages. With your guide, there is a short drive to the archeological sites in Axum. The visit includes, the ruins of Queen Sheba palace, the Obelisk of Axum, and a walk to Gobodura hill where one of the ancient quarry is found being surrounded in a forest. Overnight at chosen hotel 

Day 2 Axum to Adigrat - via Yeha , visit Pentalewon Monastery, Yeha, Dere Damo monastery

Early morning, before breakfast there is a walk to visit Pentalewon Monastery located on the top of Mai Qoho Hill which was founded by Abba Pantelewon. After the visit retun back to the hotel to enjoy breakfast. Then meet the vehicle driver for the transfer to Adigrat town on the way visiting the ruined palace of Yeha, the archeological site and Yeha's temple. Lunch will be in Adigrat and you will visit a monastery church, Debre Damo (only men are allowed to climb up a rock to reach the top to the plateau and see the inside of the church.  After the visit we will drop you at a hotel in Adigrat.

Day 3 Adigrat to Hawzen, visit the famous rock church in Tigray Abune Yemata (Guh)

An hour drive to Hawzen. Check in to a hotel and drop luggage's in the room. Then, a guide will come to the hotel to take you on a visit to churches around the Gheralta mountains. The drive will take 30 minutes via Megab where there are local eateries (possible to enjoy an early lunch or get a picnic). Visiting Abune Yemata (Guh) requires a walk. After the initial trek past ancient olive trees, small farmsteads, and up into mountains, you will climb a 5 meter vertical rock wall barefoot, using only hand and foot holds Guides and scouts from the nearby community provide invaluable encouragement and physical support.). Then, in the afternoon there is another short drive to visit another rock church which is different in style with the paintings inside.

Afternoon, to reach the church entrance it requires a sometimes difficult 1-hour hike and climb among the rocks. Once at the summit, you will find one of the best-preserved and visually stunning churches in the Gheralta region. The cruciform shape is hewn beautifully into a dome-like rock. The most unique features of this church are the vibrant frescoes done in blue and yellow. Carefully carved columns, pillars, and cupolas provide an appealing canvas to present the paintings. After the visit retun back to the hotel to for sundown drink and spend the overnight.

Day 4 visit Korkor churches - Daniel Korkor and Mariam Korkor & Mariam Papaseiti

After breakfast, another short drive to Gheralta mountains. This day, we will take you on a visit to rock churches Mariam Korkor and Daniel Korkor. Mariam Korkor is one of the most well-known churches in the Gheralta area. A strenuous one-hour hike brings you to one of the largest and most complex rock-hewn churches in Tigrai. After the visit walk back to meet the vehicle and enjoy simple lunch in a local eatery. Later in the day, with a short drive to Degum area to visit Mariam Papaseiti which has the most remarkable attraction of vivid graphite murals within the sanctuary that tell Old and New Testament stories. The church is completely hidden from outside view by heavy tropical vegetation an oasis in the middle of a semi-desert and located under a huge rock cliff, shaded and protected.

Day 5 visit Abraha We Atsbeha, Wukro Cherkos and A stunning Mosque of Al Nejashi

Morning, after breakfast in the hotel, head out to Mekele moving towards east south direction with 2 hours drive. En-route, visit the only rock-hewn church in Tigray on the route with a functioning museum, Abraha We Atsbeha. It is considered by scholars to be one of Ethiopia’s earliest churches, dating from the 10th century. It is known for its extraordinary rock architecture, cruciform in shape. The ceiling and walls are decorated with intricate patterns and bas-reliefs, and more than a dozen rock columns divide the interior of the church into several bays and aisles.

The visit in Wukro also includes, Wukro Cherkos. One of the most easily accessible churches. Wukro Cherkos is cruciform in shape and is built from sandstone attached to the base-rock on its floor and back wall. If time allows visit A stunning Mosque of Al Nejashi, locally known as simply Negash, is currently standing at the cliff of Negash town. If time allows the visit includes, Abraha wa Atsebah rock church.

Overnight at a hotel in Mekele

Day 6 Visit mperor Yohannes IV's castle. Return back to Addis with flight & sightseeing

After breakfast, visit Emperor Yohannes IV's castle. The palace now serves as a museum. The Emperor’s throne, royal bed, ceremonial dress, rifles and many other valuable historical collections can be seen in the museum and the fantastic throne of Atse Yohannnes IV made by the Italian engineer Giacomo Nareri in 1874 is the eye catching centerpiece of the museum. The museum is located in a walking distance from the hotel only which takes 7-15 minuets. After the visit we will transfer you to the airport to catch a mid day flight back to Addis.

Afternoon - Up on arrival at the airport, met and pikcup outside the airprt terminal, before the city tour in Addis enjoy quick lunch. We ill take you on a visit around Addis which includes; holy trinity cathedral (Selassie church), National museum, local markets and if time allows some local markets. Then you will be transferred back to the airport based on check in time for international flight.