Ethiopia Biking Tour, Two Wheel Explorer

The highlights of this exciting Mountain Biking Tour are Spectacular countryside scenery across the mountain ranges and the beautiful gorges attached. Wildlife; including the endemic Glada baboon, magical rock-hewn churches, ride through the most charming peoples and interact and experience the unique culture of the Amhara and Tigray tribes.

The best historic and cultural sites such as BahirDar (Monasteries of Lake Tana and the Blue Nile falls), the castles of Gondar, The dramatic Simien Mountain National park, the Guna chains of mountains, discovering the magical rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and the remarkable built up cave church of yimrhane Christos one of the hidden treasures of Ethiopia are well discovered throughout this Biking expedition.


Day 1

Arrival in Addis Abeba and fly Addis- Bahirdar\

Overnight: Bahir Dar

Day 2

Bike from Bahirdar to the Blue Nilefalls

Overnight: Bahir Dar

Day 3

Bike from Bahirdar to Zegie Peninsula, boating over the lake and drive to Gonder

Overnight: Gondar

Day 4

Gondar City Tour and Bike to Kosoye

Overnight: Kosoye

Day 5

Bike from Kosoye to Debark and Semien Mountain national park 

Over night: Simien Mountain or Debark

Day 6

Hike and discover more of the Semien Mountain national park

Overnight: Simien Mountain or Debark

Day 7

Morning drive to Awramba Village and after lunch Bike to Debre Tabor for an overnight stay.  

Overnight: Debre Tabor

Day 8

Drive to Sally for if Saturday for the Market if not unload the Bikes and start the beautiful and adventurous ride. stop to visit the hilltop Monastery of Zuraaba Tserha Aryam. After a visit and Picnic lunch in Bethlehem, the ancient university of Degua, make a Scenic drive to Lalibela. 

Overnight: Lalibela

Day 9

Bike to Genete Maryam one of the beautiful rock hewn church in the area found at 35 kms from Lalibela.  Ride or drive back to lalibela. 

Overnight: Lalibela 

Day 10

Morning trek to Hudad Lodge and stay overnight.

Overnight: Hudad Lodge

Day 11

Bike and Trek to Abune Yoseph and overnight in a community Lodge. 

Overnight: Community Lodge

Day 12

Discover arround Abune Yoseph by Bike and Bike  back to  Lalibela via Muja or Degosach  with Scenic ride . The ride through degosach is a series downhil.

Overnight: Lalibela

Day 13

Full day Sightseeing in Lalibela and authentic cultural activities in the late afternoon  

Overnight: Lalibela

Day 14

BikeLalibela-Yimrhane Christos-lalibela

Overnight: Lalibela

Day 15

Fly back to Addis, shopping, a day room, farewell dinner and departure