Biking through the beautiful green villages and historic wonders of Ethiopia - 14 days adventure

When embarking on this 2 (two) weeks biking trip to Ethiopia, you will be immersed and interacting with diverse people and their culture, nature and history around the countryside's they resides. The main highlight of this tour is visit to, breathtaking mountainous areas in Gurage and Sidama, Axum, the famous rock churches around Gheralta area and the national museum in Addis which exhibits, Lucy, fossilized bone comprising 40 percent of the skeleton of a female of the hominin species Australopithecus afarensis.

This program comes up with possible extension trips and can easily be adopted to different difficulty levels based on customers interests and experience with fitness.



Day 1: Drive and Bike from Addis to Gurage/ Agena

Morning head out to Gurage zone  with a drive from Addis. En-route, stop for a lunch in Wolkite where the bike ride starts during the afternoon. Bike to Agena for overnight stay at the Lodge. 

Overnight in: Ageana

Day 2 Excursion to Gurage villages and sites on a bike ride

Morning, breakfast in the hotel and with your biking guide ride across the villages in Gurage. The excursion trip will take you around countryside places where there are magnificent green forests and terrain where the ground soil has red color. Lunch will be in local places or picnic from the hotel. Then, return back to Agena for the night stay.

Overnight in: Ageana

Day 3: Drive and Bike from Adena-Arekit- Hadiya, night in Hosaina

Bike through the countryside’s in Gurage and pass through Hadiya. Bike along the ridge of the rift valley to the final destination with overnight stay of Hosaina town.

Overnight in: Hosaina 

Day 4: Drive and Bike from Hosaana ( Hadiya) through Tembaro to Hadero, overnight in Hadero

Drive to the junction taking you to Hadero town ( start Biking from Qoshe Kebele) through the rough road where you start Biking via the beautifull country side villages and mountains  of the ever green Tembaro. Visit Lamo waterfalls just found before Modula. If time limits you can drive to Hadero town for overnight stay. 

Overnight in: Hadero in a basic Hotel 

Day 5: Bike to Omo river view point passing by the beautifull view of Ajora waterfalls to Wolayita-Araka

Bike  from Hadero to Omo river view point passing by the beautifull view of Ajora waterfalls , cross the rivers to the Sidam part of Ajora Waer falls, stop for picnic lunc, walk down to the falls and ride to  Areka town in Wolaiyta. 

Overnight in: Areka town in a simple hotel.

Day 6: Drive and Bike Areka to Hawssa, biking through Sidama villages

Drive and Bike  from Areka to Hawassa. You will be visiting and passing through several villages in Sidama for overnight stay in Lodge/ resort in Hawassa, one of the rift Valley lakes resort town. 

Overnight in: Hawassa

Day 7 Bike ride, lunch and back to lodge for overnight

Some biking that takes you on a fast downhill path. There is also an option to follow londger tails if your are up for a more challenging route, through the beautifull villages and escarpments of Sidama. Optionally you can make a loop biking arround the Hawassa Lake. 

Overnight in: Hawassa

Day 8 Morning discover Hawassa on boat and walk and fly back to Addis

Visit Hawassa, the fish Market and some birding spot as well as boating on the lake. After lunch  transfer to the airport to catch a return flight back to Addis.

Overnight in: Addis

Day 9 Quick tour in Addis, late morning or mid day flight to Axum

A quick visit in Addis - see Selassie cathedral and national museum. After the visit, we will drop you back at the airport for a mid day flight. Up on arrival in Axum, our team meet and greet you outside the airport terminal and we will provide transfer to the hotel to check in. Then, with a guide, there is a bike ride to Gobodura hill where one of the ancient quarry is found being surrounded in a forest. The visit includes, the ruins of Queen Sheba palace.

Overnight in: Axum

Day 10 Bike ride to Abba Pantelewon, visit King Caleb tomb, Tsion Marry church, Obelisks

After breakfast in the hotel, a guide will come to the hotel to start todays bike ride and visit activities. The first bike ride will take 30 minutes from the city center to visit Abba Pantelewon monastery church. The bike ride takes you near a museum which preserves a one meter tall stelae with King Ezana's inscription, and the archelogical sites in Axum where the highest standing obelisks are found. Lunch will be in the town and spend the overnight back in the hotel.

Overnight in: Axum

Day 11 Bike ride to Hawzen - via the ancient towns Adwa and Yeha , visiting Yeha temple

After breakfast in the hotel, there is a bike ride from Axum all the way to Gherhaltha through Adawa Mountains. En-route, a few kilometers away from Adwa, there is an ancient town Yeha. Visit Yeha temple.

Overnight in: Hawzen

Day 12 Bike ride in Hawzen, church visit around around Gheralta mountains

Morning, breakfast in the hotel and meet your guide for a guided bike tour around Gheralta mountain area church visit. Bike around Hawzen and visit amazing Gherhalta cluster rock-hewn Churches. Among the rock churches in the area, these two Abune Yemata Guh and Mariyam Korqor and Daneil Korkor churches are the highlight of the tour. After the visit return back to the hotel in Hawzen to spend the overnight.

Overnight in: Hawzen

Day 13 Bike ride to Mekele through Gheralta mountains, and Abi Adi, night in Mekele

Morning, after breakfast in the hotel, check out the hotel room and meet your guide for the bike ride to Mekele. This day you will pass through Gheralta mountains, a small town Werqamba, Abi Adi and a little challange with up hill around a birth place village of Emperor Yohannes and his war commandant Ras Alula, Menewel.

Overnight in: Mekele

Day 14 Visit Emperor Yohannes IV Museum - flight back to Addis

After breakfast, visit Emperor Yohannes IV's castle. It is a 15 minutes walk to the museum or possible to ride a bike. The palace now serves as a museum. The Emperor’s throne, royal bed, ceremonial dress, rifles and many other valuable historical collections can be seen in the museum and the fantastic throne of Atse Yohannnes IV made by the Italian engineer Giacomo Nareri in 1874 is the eye catching centerpiece of the museum. The museum is located in a walking distance from the hotel only which takes 7-15 minuets. After the visit we will transfer you to the airport to catch a mid day flight back to Addis.

Afternoon - Up on arrival at the airport, met and pickup outside the airport terminal, before the city tour in Addis enjoy quick lunch. After lunch, there is bike ride to Entoto view point (this could be optional either with a visit in city around museums, churches or local). Then you will be transferred back to the airport based on check in time for international flight.