2 Days Trip to Awash National Park

Easily accessible from Addis Ababa, 756-sq-km Awash National Park is one of Ethiopia’s most visited parks.It has a large concentration of wildlife: Besia Oryx, Summering Gazelle, Grevy Zebra, greater and lesser Kudu, warthog etc.

The Itinerary can easily be adjusted to fit our clients’ schedules, budget, and special interests. Furthermore, it could easily be extended to take in some other famous sites such as the walled city of Harar and Diredawa.



Day 1

Drive from Addis to Awash National Park and game drive to encounter wildlife such as Besia Oryx, Summering Gazelle, Gravy Zebra, greater and lesser Kudu, warthog etc. 

Overnight: Awash 

Day 2

Early morning, take a drive in the park to witness the park as it comes alive.  Afterward, depart from Awash, returning to Addis Ababa.  On the way, you can stop in Sodere to take a shower in the therapeutic hot springs water.