Christian Pilgrimage Tour - Trail of Believers

Religion is a constant and central feature of Ethiopians society. In earlier times, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism were the three major religions that make up the major part of Ethiopians culture.

Regarded as the oldest religion on the African continent, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo church is known for its fascinating and most stunning manifestations of impressive annual festival celebrations. These festivals are attended by a crowd of indigenous pilgrims and foreign tourists. Christian Pilgrimage Sites with the celebration of the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church ecclesiastical festivals make this route special.

The Itinerary can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of our clients’ schedules, budget and special interests. Additionally special festivals and praying rituals conducted in each church and monastery will be considered to meet the dates of travel chosen by our esteemed customers.



Day 1

Arrival and sightseeing in Addis Abeba

Overnight: Addis

Day 2

Drive from Addis to DebreMarkos and en route visit DebreTsgie and the 12th centuary Debre Libanos Monasteries

Overnight: Debere Markos 

Day 3

Drive from Debre Markos to Bahir Dar and visit the Blue Nile falls 

Overnight: Bahir Dar 

Day 4

Boat trip to the best and ancient Island Monasteries of Lake Tana

Overnight: Bahir Dar 

Day 5

Drive from Bahir Dar to Gondar and visit the Fasil Castel, Qusquam Maryam and DebreBirhan Selassie churches 

Overnight: Gondar

Day 6

Drive from Gondar to Simien Mountains National Park. Tour the park.

Overnight: Simien Mountain 

Day 7

Full day visit to the Simien mountain national park and overnight in Simien

Day 8

Morning trek in the Simien drive for lunch in Gondar and afternoon drive to Debre Tabor with a stop to visit Awramba village and the church of Debre Tabor Eyesus.

Overnight: Debre Tabor

Day 9

Drive from Debre Tabor to Bethelehem, en-route visit one of the biggest and historical Cattle market (only on Saturday), named Sally, stop to visit the hilltop Monastery of Zuraaba Tserha Aryam and The Wofewasha kidane Mihret Monastery hidden under the cave for centuuaries. After a visit and Picnic lunch in Bethlehem, the ancient university of Degua, make a Scenic drive to Lalibela.

Overnight: Lalibela

Day 10

Visit the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela (attend church services and pray in the churches) 

Overnight: Lalibela

Day 11

Excursion to Asheton Maryam Monastry and Yimrihanne Christos church 

Overnight: Lalibela

Day 12

Drive from Lalibela to Dessie and en route visit the 13thCentury Hayk Estiphanos lakeside monastery as well the rock hewn church of Genete Maryam 

Overnight: Desse

Day 13

Excursions to Gishen Maryam Monastery, the resting place for the fragment of the true cross upon which Christ was crucified

Overnight: Desse 

Day 14

Drive from Desse to Addis Abeba and en route visit Debre Birhan Sellasie church

Overnight: Addis

Day 15

Excursions to Ziquala Abo or Adadi Maryam Monasteries and Departure.