About Us

Dynasty Ethiopia Tours (DET) is a private company based in Ethiopia, with its headquarters in Addis Abeba and represented by many destination agents within the country. Owned and operated by a local professional in cooperation with a Belgian partner, Dynasty Ethiopia Tours (DET) is run by people who have complete knowledge, experience, passionate love for Ethiopia and its people. We offer wide selections of package, tailor-made and customized tours throughout this magical country. DET is committed to providing the best valued, world-class services and quality holidays through our professional staff.

We are properly licensed by the Ethiopian government and adhere to the international and national tourism code of conducts. We are also pride members of the Ethiopian Tour Operator Association working together for the prosperity of tourism in Ethiopia.  Our vehicles are comprehensively insured and mechanically well maintained.  Dynasty Ethiopia Tours (DET), therefore, is your connection to one of the most dynamic countries on the planet. When you explore this remarkable land with Dynasty Ethiopia Tour Operator, you will not only feel the uniqueness of the land but also gain a lifetime experience that will forever remain etched in your mind.  We treat you as our esteemed guest and not just a tourist. 

In addition to running tours on the more popular tourist circuits, such as the Historic Route, Simien and Bale Mountains Trekking, the Rift Valley, the Omo Valley and the Afar triangles, we have exceptional arrangements through which you can experience the authentic cultural activities. This is by Taking part in the traditional farming activities, participating in cooking Ethiopian local dishes, performing the coffee ceremony (a very integral activity in the daily lives of Ethiopians) and traditional hair-making especially for the ladies. You will also get a chance to sit with very warm and friendly local elders and share some of the juiciest traditional stories. To crown it all Dynasty Ethiopia Tours makes it possible for you to experience the very old and unusual lives of Hermits and church servants especially during the nightly events, prayers, feasts and blessing rituals. By doing so, you will be treated as a tourist than a guest and less of a consumer than a participant in such lives of Ethiopia.

Our merit is more clarified by the feedback and testimonies we receive from our clients who have had an amazing experience with our tour company. We are experts in customizing independent travel arrangements according to your personal requirements, interests, budget and time available. Please contact us and be member of this great Dynasty! 

Our Dynasty is welcoming you with open arms!