Ankober Charity Bike Challenge (Done!)

15 months after our 1st charity ride we are staging the 2nd edition of our charity event. Profits from this event are to support local guides & cooks who have had no income since Covid outbreak. We have a rich choice of accommodation and activities to offer.


Day 1

Our charity bike ride around Ankober was born in 2020 when the pandemic hit and freelance tourism professionals remained without income for months. As a group of four Ethiopian tour operators we came up with the idea to run this event to raise funds for those most in need. The situation has not changed in 2021 and 2022 and we wanted to run this bike ride again. This is now one of the best cycling and hiking tours you can do in Ethiopia. Stay at our riders' camp at Lik Marefia on the edge of the forest, one of the Wof Washa community guest-houses or do it in a bit more luxury at Ankober
Palace Lodge -a rebuild of the former Emperor’s palace. At the camp mingle with the locals, your
fellow riders and their friends and family. We provide you with all you need for your weekend
including tents and camp equipment, toilets, bucket showers, all meals, and participant and bike
transfers from Addis Ababa to and from the event. The total number of riders will be 30 to a max. 50 participants (some camping, some in the lodge), but during activities you will be split into smaller groups and flatter mountain biking opportunities. Bike rental is available at an additional cost for the weekend. with your individual guides. Today is the arrival day with some beautiful hiking options 

Day 2

On Saturday morning you can choose from a wide range of activities for the day. Our experienced
guides offer you different level cycling and hiking opportunities. All of our cycling, hiking & running
routes allow you to marvel at the beauty of landscapes as you pass through local villages and explore quiet scenic trails

Day 3

Today is the day of the actual charity ride which will start near Lik Marefia just below the Wof Washa forest and ends in a finish at Ankober lodge where a crowd of locals and some family members will cheer you over the finish line. After our great finishing part


from 11,100 ETB