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    Rural Heritage

Rural Heritage: Ethiopia Explorer Tour

Are you getting tired of your urban life and ready for unique rural experiences?

Are you looking for a simpler and quieter way of life that offers rest and relaxation?

Are you interested in ecologically sustainable tourism experiences?

Are you looking for outdoor adventures such as hiking, mountain biking and horse riding?

Do you desire authentic experiences including interaction with local communities?

Ethiopia today is a predominantly rural country, with almost 80% of its population residing in rural areas. So discovering rural Ethiopia means discovering Ethiopia in another sense. All of us here at Dynasty Ethiopia Tours are passionate about the rural experiences of Ethiopia and we would love to help you to plan, organize and guide you to your adventures in Ethiopia. We all grew up in rural villages and know rural life intimately. 

Our Rural Explorer tours give you a unique opportunity to discover real and authentic rural experiences led by professional multilingual guides and drivers who speak both international (at least English) and local languages of the rural community. Where there are only a few speakers of the languages in that rural community, we also use community guides.

We take you to the silent world where all you can hear is the sound of animals, birds and the singing of shepherds. We give you the chance to act as one of the farmers by letting you to perform the traditional and primitive  farming activities in a working farm, you bake the Ethiopian traditional meal, Enjera and you cook the common stew for Ethiopians the shero wot and experience the Ethiopian unique traditional cooking. The peasant household will serve you not as a tourist but welcome you as usual guest, you will perform the traditional coffee ceremony with villagers which is an integral part of the life of most Ethiopians. If you wish to feed the cattle and other domestic animals you will be welcomed to do so. The villagers will show you how to make local liquors such as arakie, tejj and tela, and you will be served with local liquor. Most Ethiopian farmers are milking their cows by hand and this is mostly done by women rather than by men. Because of the belief that women do generously leave more milk to the calf in the mother’s breast.

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