• Trail of Believers
    Trail of Believers

Trail of Believers: Dynasty Christian Pilgrimage Tours in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a land of adventure and hidden mysteries, and many of its religious mysteries have been kept hidden for centuries. Some of the meanings of these mysteries are not easy to discern or understand, but it is in this precisely where their fascination is found.

Born and raised in a clergy family from Lalibela, considered as Ethiopia’s epicentre of Christian pilgrimage, Bogale Abiy studied at the feet of his grandfather and trained as a priest. His grandfather was both a historian and artist who painted holy images and wrote hundreds of religious manuscripts. He was a truly spiritual person who served the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and particularly the churches of Lalibela until he died at the age of 102.

Today Bogale is the owner of Dynasty Ethiopia Tours and understands better than anyone the significance of Ethiopia’s sacred places. With over seventeen years of professional experience as a tour leader, nine years of which he has been in charge of Dynasty Ethiopia Tours, leading tourists on pilgrimages in Ethiopia comes naturally to him.

Not everyone on earth can be seen by human eyes and touched by human hands; they are things that remain hidden from human view. But when we open ourselves to these spiritual mysteries, we can somehow perceive them. We invite you to come and visit these extraordinary spiritual sites with us.

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